10,000 Downloads Reached!!

I can't believe it's happened in such a short amount of time (although much thanks goes to Femur and the mention on the TGComics site for a good bump in traffic), but I've already reached 10,000 downloads of my videos in just a week and a half!

Thanks to everyone who's shown an interest so far and sampled some of what I've put up here.  I couldn't be happier that there are others out there who like to see what my work is all about.

I have plenty of other videos that I'm working towards posting, so I'd love to hear more about what everyone thinks...

Are you enjoying what you've seen so far?  Am I on the right track with what you'd like to see?

Is there anything that falls short for you or that you have a problem with?

And in addition to that, is there anything specific anyone would like to see?  Do you have any requests?  Are there any specific videos out there that you think lend themselves to this kind of treatment?  I'm always looking for new material out there and would be more than happy to take a cut at putting something together if I have the time and proper source material to work with.

Please give me any feedback or requests you have.  I'd love to hear from you.

Thanks again for everyone's support.


p.s.  I'll be posting new videos again soon.


TG enthusiast; Video revisionist; TG fantasy writer.


  1. How about a willing transformation with a sissy slut theme. A man finally gives in to his deepest desires and moves on from crossdressing and gets a sex change so he can be porn star.

  2. Hey there!! Absolutely LOVE LOVE what you're doing here with this blog ;) I'm a bit confused as to how to download or extract the files though. I have win-rar, but it will only extract and process each part individually... Soooo how in the world do you recommend downloading and extracting so that the complete movie is made??

  3. use jdownloader and it will download them and extract them for you when best vids in ever seen keep em coming my friend (i like the transformation ones the best)......


  4. Thanks to everyone for the compliments. I'm glad people are enjoying my videos so far. I hope I can continue to entertain you.

  5. I personally like them, they remind me of captions but only with video footage.

    I love you motivation in your passion in creating such media, as a admirer, I was wondering if you could make another Possession video.

    Best regard and thank you in advance,

    Following, Chiyo Rose Tsao (aka trufade)

    1. It's great to hear from you, Trufade. I've been an admirer of yours for a while and have always appreciated you contributions to the TG community by supplying your videos. Thanks for your comments and I'll see what I can do about getting another possession video up soon.

  6. Love all your videos, especially ones where the TGed character mentions/thinks their reaction to the change (...Project Downstream...).

    One request, can you make one featuring full transformation AND hypnosis? Its one of my favourite TG theme and I'm sure many others does too.

    Keep up the greatness. Thanks for the future.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you're enjoying my work. I'll keep your request in mind for future stuff.