Prisoner Of War

This is the second installment in the When Worlds Collide universe.  I left the prologue in this video for anyone who missed the first one based in this new world, so you'd have the back story to go with it.  So please don't be confused and think it's the same video posted again.

In this one, a military prisoner thinks that he can use his new female body to his advantage.  However things don't always work out the way we plan... or even how we hope.


Prisoner Of War (click for video)
**CAUTION: Contains adult material**


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  1. I was able to download every video, until now. it gives me the message: "The file you attempted to download is an archive that is damaged or possibly encrypted. MediaFire does not support unlimited downloads of broken or encrypted archives and the limit for this file has been reached. This file may only be distributed from a premium account."

  2. Ms. Wren: Speaking for myself, I would really appreciate seeing "real" post-op transsexual models being videoed in the same fashion as these with GG models. The first one that comes to mind is Ms. Danielle Foxx. Thanks.