The Changeling

What would you do if someone told you that you had the ability to change into different forms?  For most of us, I think we'd be overjoyed.  However what if they could use that knowledge and your abilities against you?  Maybe then, it might not be so thrilling of a scenario.

The protagonist in this video is thrown into just such circumstances.  Instead of having the world opened up to him, suddenly his world is no longer his own.

This is actually an older video that I'd put together quite a while ago.  My intention this week was to post a brand new video (new for me, I mean), but some unexpected audio problems cropped up in the file right when I was 99% done.  I already had a few hours of work into it before this and I'm not sure what happened or if it's even recoverable.  So that one is going to be on hold until I can get it fixed or completely redone.

I hope you'll enjoy this one in its place.

The Changeling (click for video)
**CAUTION: Contains adult material**


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  1. i liked this one,
    further adventures maybe?

    as usual great work.

  2. You have a gift!!! Just found your site last night and it's awesome.

    I might humbly suggest using an uploader like multiupload dot nl so that new people like myself can grab your older movies faster. It also automatically gives you a bunch of mirrors. Rapidshare makes me wait *sadface

    Thank you so much for making these!!!