Welcome To The Harem

Here's another subtitled video for you.

It has something that I don't always get to include in my videos - whether due to the available content or just my general inclinations - and that's a love story.  Or maybe I should say half of it's a love story.  You'll understand what I mean by "half" when you see it.


Welcome To The Harem (click for video)
**CAUTION: Contains adult material**


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  1. loved the longer story
    and still plenty of sex.

  2. I'm not sure if I've commented or not on this particular blog, but I just wanted to say that your work is incredibly good. I quite enjoy the themes, and love how you've manipulated the videos to tell the stories you want them to tell. However, I'd love to see one or two with real shemales (just because my dominant fetish isn't for complete transformations). That said, I haven't watched all of these (yet!), so maybe you've already done it. Anyway, whatever you decide to do, I'm sure the quality will remain high, and I will continue to enjoy your work. I guess what I'm saying is GREAT JOB!

    1. Hi Nikki,

      Thanks for your comments. I've been a follower of your Feminization Station blog for a while and you're consistently putting out quality work there too. Great stories and great visuals. I particularly enjoy the animated GIFs.

      I'll let you know now that I haven't made any videos yet that include actual shemales. However I'm certainly not against the idea. I'll keep it in mind though in case I come across anything that would lend itself to this kind of treatment.


  3. Who is the girl from the video?