Who Am I?

Sorry it's been a little longer since my last post.  This one required a lot of editing time.  Plus things are getting busy for me outside of my site here.  I expect that the next couple of months will likely be the same, so I may not be posting as frequently as I have been lately.  But I'll certainly try.

This video is another forced transformation.  Although they're attempting to take it one step further by trying to convince the man that he's actually is a woman.


Who Am I? (click for video)
**CAUTION: Contains adult material**


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  1. You have some pretty creative ideas for taking source footage and turning it into a 'video caption' :D.

    Since your next post may be a bit longer before it comes by, any hints at what kind of material we're looking to see released, or do you like to keep that a secret, ;).

    The suspense is killing me, yet at the same time, I'm loving it.

    1. I won't say specifically, but I will tell you that it's a sequel to one of my other videos.

      If all goes well, I should have it posted within the next few days.

      Thanks so much for the comments.

  2. are you sure this file was uploaded properly it doens't seem to work and its smaller than the others since its less than 100mb

    1. The size is just because I started creating them in a slightly different way that allowed me to get the same video quality in a smaller file. As for it not working, I tried both the streaming version and the download and they both work fine on my end.

      Is there anything specifically that isn't working for you? Is it the streaming version or the MP4 download that you're having a problem with?