Bet Big Lose Big

They say that you should only gamble what you can afford to lose.

However in this video, money means nothing to the people involved. That's why the stakes they settled on are of a much more drastic and elaborate kind.


Bet Big Lose Big (click for video)
**CAUTION: Contains adult material**


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  1. another great piece hun, besides betting money is so boring lol hugs, Sedra.

  2. Heh, the 'drunk' aspect makes this all the more fitting as a video caption. Kinda helps carry the story. I really like it :).

  3. would be cool if you let your fans know when your busy and not gonna post for a while...just quick 2 sentence post saying "hey, real busy but I will try and get one up by..." Hope all is well and great story as always!!

    1. I'm always working on my videos to one extent or another, but it's just that some times are more productive than others. I know that I was on a roll lately and getting something up weekly, but I won't always be able to keep up that pace. With regards to giving everyone a heads up on when things will be posted, unfortunately I don't like to commit to a time frame since things can always come up that might delay me getting the videos posted. I don't want to disappoint if people are waiting.

      Plus to be honest, it's really only been about a week and a half since this latest video, so it's not like I'm really late at all. :)

      That being said, I expect that I'll have something posted within the next few days.

      Thanks for your comments though. Glad to know that you're a fan and I hope that any longer periods between posts won't disappoint you too much.

  4. never disappointed, just anxious for the next lol...completely understand!!!

  5. I really like the first person POV of this one. I'd love to see more like this.

  6. Yeah, European! She drinks wine and jams at the same time---all the good stuff there