It's A Mystery

From the title and the pic on the right, you may have guessed the setting of today's video.  But let me prepare everyone up front, just in case.  Yes, this is a live-action film/parody of a cherished children's cartoon that I'm sure everyone has seen in one version or another over the decades since it first went on the air.

I hope I don't spoil any fond childhood memories of yours by putting this together.  Although there may be some of you out there (like myself) that enjoy seeing parodies of cartoons in adult situations like this.

One other thing:  I don't normally like to use footage with existing body swaps or transformations, since I feel that it's a bit like cheating on my part. However sometimes I just can't pass them up.  This was one of those cases.


It's A Mystery (click for video)
**CAUTION: Contains adult material**


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  1. great work hun,, loved the Scooby doo movies, and in that one, shaggy dose turn into a girl for a moment, giggle. anywho good work hun. hugs, Sedra.

  2. Loved that part in the scooby doo movie, nice mixing them up! Also the woman that plays daphne in the real movie (not the porn) is really hot (linda cardellini). She was also in grandmas boy where she looks even better.

  3. I liked the creative way you blended the two films. I also really liked the transitional text cards and the background theme for them. Though the video wasn't for me, I still could see the care and effort you put into this one.

  4. I can't download the link I use my phone is there a website I can go to?

    1. I'm sorry. Some mobile browsers don't work well with the downloads unfortunately. You'll have to try on something other than a phone if you have one available.

    2. could you upload it to a different site where I could just watch it?

    3. Unfortunately no. I have over 100 videos still on my old provider, so it would take me too long to switch them all over. And I'm afraid I can't really make exceptions for this one, otherwise where would I draw the line. Sorry about that.

  5. Got message sorry this video is not avaiable

  6. Finally saw this one and the original Daphne actor is hotter. This one had too much hairy armpits.