Extreme Halloween Costumes

It's one thing to use clothing and makeup to conceal yourself in a Halloween costume.  But the couple in this video commit to a whole new level of disguise.

For this one, the couple decided to do a body swap and go to a costume party as each other!  Not only will no one know who they really are in their disguises, but they can experience a few other things as a side benefit while they're at it.

This also allowed me to bring back the actress seXXygirl, who is always a treat for me. For you long-time viewers, you might remember her from Bet Big Lose Big, A Long Hot Bath and most recently in Vacation By The Pool.

You may have also noticed that I've added another short story to the menu above.  In case you're interested, check out my latest story called Phone Tag.  It's a quick read (probably would take you less time to read it than to watch this video) and it's told through a series of voicemail messages.  Please leave a review on TG Storytime if you have a chance.


Extreme Halloween Costumes (click for video)
**CAUTION: Contains adult material**


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  1. Firstly, I LOVE that it's a body-swap, Lady Wren! (makes the the thought of "straight sex" in a female body better knowing it's my lady on the male side of things!) Although, for the "your turn" part of things, I would absolutely HAVE to experience her performing cunnilingus on me!

    I can't help but think his sidelong glances at the camera might be thought-bubbles like; {i can't believe how wet my pussy is from sucking my own cock!} or {wow, my cock feels SO much better with her hands!!}, but I do like your treatment of this piece!!!


    1. Thanks so much, Elle. I appreciate the feedback.

  2. i liked it, but sex scene isn't so hot could make another bodyswap video but this time hotter

    1. I guess not all of them are always going to be to everyone's liking all the time. Thanks for the comment though, gg.

  3. Very hot! I love the idea, a body-swap for a Halloween costume party. Wish I could try that out. ;) Love a good body swap and your videos always deliver! Thanks for making them! Just wish it was a little longer :D Looking forward to your next already!

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    1. mcanda19, Sorry but for removing your original comment, but I don't generally allow outside links or addresses in the comments. As to your troubles watching the videos, I would suggest trying to watch them in a different browser. Maybe your settings are restrictive in some way. If that doesn't work, you could always download the full MP4 file and watch it on your computer.