H4rry P0tt3r and the Hermione Gambit

Here's another set of captions that I'd previously posted over on OpenTGCaptions.

As you can see, this is a bit of adult fan fiction for the H4rry P0tt3r universe.  Please excuse the odd spelling, but I've changed the name just to deter any unnecessary copyright attention.  :)

The likeness of this actress is truly striking though IMHO.



 PART 1:
After graduating from Hogwarts, Harry had completely lost touch with his first boyhood crush, Cho Chang.  So it was a very welcome surprise to bump into her two years later on the University of Wizardry campus.  He'd forgotten how beautiful she was and, now that they'd both matured some, he realized that she was hotter than ever.

He spent the next two months pursuing her, but with no luck.  He tried everything he could but she just didn't seem interested in being anything other than friends.  But Harry wasn't ready to give up, as he couldn't stop thinking about her.  He had to know what to do to get her to be his.

Then it suddenly hit him.  He needed to find out what she was thinking, but of course he couldn't just come right out and ask her... at least not as himself.  From there, the rest seamlessly fell into place.  Getting a hair from Hermione wasn't a problem.  She attended the University with Harry and they were still friends.  Naturally he didn't tell Hermione what he was up to, but stealing a lock of hair from a brush in her dorm room was harmless.  Then he just had to brew up some Polyjuice potion, and VOILA, he turned himself into Hermione.

Hermione herself had developed into quite a captivating woman herself and Harry couldn't help but admire his new body.  And even though they were good friends and he felt a bit guilty about invading her privacy like that, he couldn't help but take himself in, standing naked in front of a mirror.  But only for a minute or so before the remorse got the better of him.

Then it was time to track down Cho before the potion wore off.  He found her on campus heading into the women's room, so Harry reluctantly followed her, feeling awkward going into the women's restroom even though he was clearly a woman now.  He struck up a conversation with Cho, starting with the usual pleasantries but expeditiously getting to the point.

"By the way," Harry started in, trying to sound as casual as possible, "I know we're all friends and everything but I've been meaning to ask you something.  How do you feel about Harry?  You two were brilliant together back at Hogwarts and I really thought you'd stay together."  Then hastily adding, "Don't mean to pry or anything, but I've been wondering."

Cho chuckled flirtatiously, "And here I thought I was being obvious.  Hermione, you may be the smartest girl I know, but sometimes you aren't too bright."  Cho drew closer to Harry, smiling suggestively, "I've been dropping you hints for weeks now, but I guess it's time to be more blunt.  Hermione, the reason I'm not with Harry is that I've come to a realization about myself -- I'm into girls.  But to be more specific, I'm into YOU!  And it's time I stopped beating around the bush."

Cho pushed up against Harry, backing him up against the bathroom sink.  Normally, Cho was about a head shorter and several stones lighter than Harry, so shoving him around would ordinarily have been difficult.  But now in the petite body of Hermione, Cho could easily maneuver him around.  And even though Harry was shocked and disappointed to get this revelation, this new warmth and arousal spreading through his body was more than enough of a distraction.

Pulling down Harry's top to expose his chest, Cho's hands lingered on his newly-formed breasts.  Harry could feel Hermione's nipples go immediately erect and a shiver of arousal ran through him.  Before he was even aware he was doing it, he started to grind against Cho, revelling in the sensations that this new femininity brought.  He'd always wanted to have Cho sexually, but his overwhelming arousal was more than just that.  Every touch and caress of his female body was like an awakening, so different and exciting.  It was intoxicating.  He could feel the arousal engulfing him, but he welcomed it.

Harry heard a low moan in Hermione's voice escape his lips, as Cho's mouth moved down his neck to his chest.  "I see that I wasn't wrong," Cho purred, her hot breath sending a shiver down Harry's side.  "You ARE into girls too.  No need to admit it.  THIS tells me all I need," Cho whispered, groping for the wetness between Harry's legs.

The shock of that gave Harry a slight moment of clarity.  Through his groans of pleasure, he managed to get out, "But... but what about... about Harry?"

Cho pulled back, her gaze boring into Harry's eyes.  "Oh, I haven't forgotten about YOU, Harry?"

His mouth dropped open, not only paralyzed with fear of discovery, but also crestfallen from the sudden interruption in his mounting pleasure.

"I'm no fool, Harry," Cho continued.  "Of course, I could tell it was you.  At first I was mad that you were trying to pull one over on me.  But then I realized this couldn't have been better.  Everything I told you was true.  I AM into girls now and I'm very much into Hermione.  But you know as well as I do that she's no lesbian.  So when you showed up as her, I realized that maybe at least I could have the next best thing."

Harry was dumbfounded and overwhelmed.  So many new revelations were hitting him at once that words wouldn't come to him, "But what... I just..."

"Enough talking!  Right now, you ARE Hermione," Cho grinned at him lasciviously.  Then grabbing his wrists and easily pinning them back against the mirror, she purred, "And you're all mine!"

 PART 2:
Harry's knees were still weak from his sexual adventure with his old girlfriend Cho Chang.  Using Polyjuice potion to turn himself into Hermione to get inside information seemed like such a straightforward plan.  But that was before he discovered that Cho not only liked girls now but, more specifically, she had a thing for Hermione.  So even though Harry basically achieved his goal of bedding Cho, it happened for him in the body of Hermione.

As he straightened his clothes and wavered slowly out of the women's restroom where Cho had left him, Harry's mind was swimming with all of the confusing thoughts and feelings he was having.  Never did he hope, or even imagine, that such an encounter could happen with Cho.  However it had and he couldn't have been happier.  Finally having Cho take him like that was impossibly exciting.  But if he was honest with himself, what made it that much more arousing was the fact that he'd experienced it as a woman.  Everything was so much more sensitive and overwhelming.  In fact, he was still engulfed in the intoxication of it all.

Cautiously stepping out of the restroom, he ran straight into Viktor Krum.  With his powerful and athletic build, Viktor had always stood taller and wider than Harry.  But now with the slight body of Hermione, he was taken aback at just how strapping and impressive Viktor looked.  Looking up at him, he was immediately sure that Viktor would have no problem lifting him, controlling him, taking him.  Then promptly, Harry felt a rush of blood to his face, as he was embarrassed by the thought.  Why would he think such a thing?  Viktor was a man! How could that image pop into Harry's head?  And worse, why did that thought fill him with anticipation?

"So I came just as you asked," Viktor whispered deeply, a smile playing on the corner of his lips.  "Are you ready?"

"Umm... Viktor, I... umm... I'm not sure what you mean," Harry stammered, not knowing how to respond without giving himself away.

"Ah yes.  I see," Viktor said, a glint of understanding appearing in his eyes.  "This is all part of the game, no?  Just as you said.  Wonderful!  Then if you're sure that is how you want this...."

Before Harry could think, Viktor pushed himself into Harry, practically enveloping him in his new petite form as Hermione.  His mouth was suddenly on Harry's as Viktor propelled him backwards back into the women's restroom.  Harry tried to fight, but only half-heartedly.  And Viktor's powerful embrace would have prevented Harry from escaping even if he did use his full force.

"No, you need to stop," Harry uttered quietly.

"Ah yes, the role play!  Wonderful!" Viktor replied animatedly.  Then while pulling open Harry's top, he growled more seriously, "This is going to happen.  You know it is."

I can't let this happen, Harry thought frantically. I have Hermione's body now, but I'm still a man.  This isn't right!

But in spite of what his mind was telling him, his body was telling him something different.  And his body was louder and far more insistent.  A shiver ran through him as Viktor's coarse hands groped his breasts.  His knees trembled as Viktor's beard roughly brushed across the base of his neck.  Harry likely would have buckled under the overpowering sensations if Viktor didn't have him held up tightly in his embrace.

Viktor's hands were everywhere.  Harry couldn't even keep track, nor did he care.  He was astounded by the sheer emotions of lust and titillation he was feeling.  No longer was he thinking this was wrong.  He wasn't thinking anything.  He was just lost in the moment and doing what his body was telling him.

So it was with surprise that he gasped when Viktor suddenly yanked his skirt down.  At the exclamation, Viktor paused and asked, "Is everything OK?  You are good?"

Harry hesitated for a moment, not able to bring himself to answer.  Then with an almost imperceptible reluctance, he responded, "Yes, don't stop."

Emboldened by this, Viktor spun Harry around and pushed him forcibly into the nearest stall, pulling off the remainder of his clothes in the process.  Harry brimmed with anticipation as he was bent over, feeling the cold tile of the restroom wall against the side of his face.  He gasped in surprise and elation as Viktor penetrated him, sliding deeper that Harry thought could be possible.  His encounter with Cho had been tantalizing and unbelievable.  But Harry had never felt anything like this.  Viktor was filling him up inside in a way Cho couldn't and the difference was mind-blowing!

Pumping away at him, Harry whimpered and moaned with pleasure.  The physical stimulation alone was astonishing, but the feeling of being fully and completely taken was staggering.  His cries became more and more frequent as his arousal built.  Viktor matched his strokes, speeding up to the rhythm of Harry's panting, pulling him in forcefully again and again.  Then without warning, Harry felt a shockwave erupt within him and he howled with gratification, as the realization of a female orgasm exploded inside him.  He literally collapsed into Viktor's arms as his legs would no longer support him.  In his embrace, Harry basked for several minutes in the afterglow.

But soon the glow of his latest new erotic experience wore off, filling Harry with confusion and remorse. How could he have let this happen?  Is this how some women feel after making a regretful choice?  In his case, he would be doing the Walk of Shame like no one else in history.  How could he look himself in the mirror?  And more remarkably, how could he go back to his old male self now that he knew just what he'd be missing?

However, little did Harry know that someone else was taking the whole situation in.  The real Hermione was peeking in through the restroom door.  She smiled contentedly to herself, thinking, That'll teach Harry to go around posing as me.


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  1. Found the video these gifs are from by typing "Emma Watson Lookalike" on PornHub :)

    Your work is always something I really look forward to, and I enjoy your text stories as much as your videos. This one I enjoyed very much. Thank you ever so much for what you do :)

    1. Thanks very much. I wish I knew the actress' name. I tried to find it but came up empty.

  2. Great work! Hope to see more! If I was Harry, I would like to stay as Hermione or become Fleur Delacour.

    1. Thanks for the comment. The Fleur idea is definitely a good one too.