Nun Of The Above

This video is from some footage I've been sitting on for quite some time.  I'd just never quite worked out what I wanted to do with it until now.

Given the audience here, I assume that most people wouldn't be easily offended by non-mainstream topics.  However when it comes to religion, I know that can be a touchy subject.  So this is a word of warning to those who might take offence to seeing religious representatives engaged in clearly NON-religious activities.

One other thing I wanted to note:  My apologies for the quality of the text on the last few streaming videos.  This is strictly due to the quality of the video that xHamster converts it to.  If you download the original videos files directly using the download links, you'll get the full quality video.


Nun Of The Above (download link)
**CAUTION: Contains adult material**



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  1. Oh-my, M'Lady Wren... what a messy can of worms this piece presents! I'll refrain from commenting too explicitly about how fitting a representation it is of an organization which has so grievously misrepresented the principles on which it claims to have been founded and the authority it presumes to possess, (since I would rather your work not be found accidentally by searches in that vein)!!! (but, should you like to engage in that discourse, I would enjoy doing so via email.)

    More to the point; It would truly be a blessing if one could actually become "re-ordered" in this manner! Would-toward that ones' faith might fashion ones' flesh into a more fitting and fulfilling form!!!


    P.S. How is this host working for you, Lilac? I'll have to look into following you there.

    1. "Re-ordered"? Superb!! I wished I'd thought of that. Haha!

      As for using xHamster for streaming, I've been happy so far. No problems at all, besides them down-converting the quality of my original videos. But even that isn't too significant.

    2. :-D Glad you liked my little piece pf word-play, Lilac! I've always found the English tongue an excellent tool for twisting terminology & cunning linguistics! Mind you, I'm not speaking of the tongues of Englishmen, but the language which has evolved from so many roots!

      And, as for the context in your lovely piece of work, M'Lady, such questions might arise, (among other thigs), about the true intent of such an Order! To wit:

      Is it a moral Order which uses their powers to reveal the true person and provide them with the means to live a more fulfilling life than the randomness of their birth might have offered

      An amoral Order aiming to marginalize those without the strength to resist the sensuality inherent to the fairer flesh while imposing an assumption of "male dominance" over those they wish to control with lust & fear?

      Is it a moral order to make such gender-switching a compulsory facet of furtherance in the mysteries of that Order?

      Hell, Lilac, why stop at double-entendre?! The mores the marriers, wouldn't you say!?!

      Anyhow; Glad that xHamster works. They, and the TG/TF community, could probably benefit from seeing that there is a significant audience for erotic and explicit TG/TF content such as your wonderful woks, M;Lady!!!


    3. I tended to think of it more along the lines of a moral order that uses the transformation as a way to convey to the friars a sense of "how the other half lives" as well as giving them a separation from self. Of course, it's always nice to leave things a bit open to interpretation.

    4. Obviously some portion of the acolyte's "new self" has been "separated" by his superior, hasn't it!?! And that being a sort of "separation" which many of us would gladly welcome, I think! Also, it would be helpful in real-life if all practitioners of a faith were able to lend counsel from like experience to those they aim to help! After all, what does it benefit a woman if the one giving marriage-counseling to her & her hubby if he has never found himself in the position of a woman!!!
      (I think we're on the same page here, Lilac, although, I'm not certain how familiar you are with the book from which I'm deriving my disdain for certain conventions. It's actually the same one they purport to adhere to!)


    5. I'm not a religious person myself, but I have a working knowledge of the major faiths. I know where you're coming from regarding your disdain though. That being said though, I certainly wouldn't disparage anyone's faith or beliefs, even though I might not agree with the conduct of the organization that it's part of. However I'm afraid I'm not really up for a discussion around religion beyond that.

    6. I was actually thinking you might address the comment about being "separated by his 'superior' "!

      As with so many arguments about "f-a-i-t-h" & "r-e-l-i-g-i-o-n", they're mostly debates about semantics and traditions, it often seems. (apologies! I'm not baiting you into a debate. merely wondering how varied our beliefs are.) But, I'm always up for some antics, M'Lady!!!

      I do try to keep an eye out for clips you might find sufficient in quality/content that lend themselves to the likes of we who prefer (trans)lesbian transformations, Lady Wren. And, in light of this piece of work, perhaps I might seek something that reflects the original "perfect love" scene from the original "b-e-d-a-z-z-l-e-d" movie. After all, even a lesbian love-affair should be filled with the connection of spiritualit-He, ...shouldn't it?

      I'm sorry, Lilac, if my phonetic bastardizations reach too far!

  2. Not one of my favorites