TG Bath Oil

This is a brand new caption that I haven't posted anywhere else.

The content is a bit different from what I've always posted before and I know, because of this, it won't necessarily be everyone's thing. However, here goes!  If you look closely in the GIF below, you'll notice something extra.  Yes, the actress is a transsexual.

To be honest, I enjoy transsexual porn just as much as straight porn, but have never really included it on my site for one reason or another.  Hopefully everyone can have an open mind with this and enjoy it just as you do any other work I've done.

For those of you who aren't familiar with her, the actress is Bailey Jay and I recommend you check her out.  She's a highly-regarded TS porn star and online personality.  And as porn actresses go, she's certainly one of the hottest -- transsexual or otherwise.



My wife was always on me to do something about my rough skin.  Working outdoor construction was hard on the body in general but, particularly in the cold weather, my skin was always dry and cracked.  So Lauren couldn't even hold my hand without making a comment about how chapped and calloused they felt, but the same opinion extended to the rest of me as well.

After weeks of urging me to do something, I finally gave in to her.  Lauren strongly proposed that I try a new product she'd heard about that was supposed to work miracles, called Oil of Aphrodite.  So not knowing anything about these kinds of things, I agreed to try it.

Lauren drew me a steaming bath and added a generous amount of the Oil she'd purchased.  

"Now climb in and have a good long soak.  I'll come and get you when it's time to get out," she smiled lovingly.  Then gently pressing her lips to the back of my hand, she said, "Time to kiss your old skin goodbye."

Once she'd left me in private, I stripped off my clothes and eased into the sultry water.  I was never really a bath person and certainly never took the time to relax in one, but was immediately taken with how calming the water felt.  I reclined back so that only my head was above the surface, surprised at how instantly my muscles began to loosen and unwind.  This Oil was amazing!  I'd certainly never felt this tranquil in the tub before.

A serene warmth seemed to spread through my body.  It was more than just the heat of the water though.  This was more penetrating, more pervading.  This must be the Oil taking effect, I thought to myself.  I wondered how long it would take before I saw the results.  However it wasn't with my normal impatience that I thought this.  It was more with charged anticipation.

Raising my hands out of the water, I was astonished by the improvement.  Immediately it was apparent that my hands had a new life to them.  All signs of dryness and cracking had completely disappeared.  But more than that, my skin had taken on a warm glow and a softness that they probably hadn't had since I was a kid.  I gently stroked the backs of my hands with my newly supple fingertips and was thrilled by the new sensation.

If the Oil could do this to my hands which were always the roughest part of me, I mused excitedly, what would the rest of me be like?  My hands dipped back under the surface of the water to rest on my thighs.  It was unbelievable!  I was like a different person.  Gliding my hands down my thighs to my calves, I was captivated with how they felt, so smooth, so lithe.  I was so fascinated by the sensations that it took me several moments to even realize that the hair on my legs was completely gone!  And although I paused in bewilderment for a few seconds, I quickly regained my composure, thinking only of how wonderful my new skin felt.

My hands drifted up to my belly and chest and I was pleased to find the same results there.  I'd taken on this new softness all over and completely shed any body hair I'd had.  And it wasn't just the surface of my skin either.  My entire body felt more pliable, more agile, and even rounder.  It was a strange and outstanding sensation.  

Then I suddenly thought, What about my face?  Shouldn't it be touched by this wondrous Oil like the rest of me.  So I smoothly slid down under the surface of the water and let it engulf me.  That same warm glow bathed my face and scalp.  It was so enjoyable that I almost wanted to stay under, emerging only due to lack of air.

As I broke the surface I was surprise to feel my face covered with hair.  Brushing it back, I realized this long, raven hair was actually mine!  My normally short, dull, black hair had been replaced with a full lustrous mane.  I stroked it over and over, intrigued and captivated by the novelty of it.  Then I remembered my face.  I tentatively touched my cheek, not knowing what to expect.  I was delighted to find the same velvety skin and delicate roundness.

But then I was dumbfounded by what I discovered next.  Looking down, I was greeted by a perfect pair of breasts!  The roundness I'd felt before had taken itself to extreme levels.  Not believing my eyes, I reached up and cupped them in my newly softened hands.  They were exquisite!  And so sensitive.  But really there... and really MINE!

It was mind-boggling!  Was this really happening?  Was it the Oil?  Was it really turning me into a woman?!  Then a thought hit me abruptly and my hands darted down to my crotch.  It was still there! My dick was still there!  But as I held my noticeably smaller member in my hand, I could feel it slowly shrinking.  Would that disappear too?  Did the Oil just need more time to take me completely? Would I soon have a pussy too?!

Just then, I heard the door knob rattle as it began to turn.  Lauren! I thought.  Surprised by the intrusion and not knowing how to handle my new situation, I yelled, "Don't come in!"  However I was shocked to hear an unrecognizable, high-pitched voice escape my lips.

But still, the door opened.  And in stepped a tall man I'd never seen before.  That was alarming enough, but it was made even more so by the fact that he was completely naked, his dick already erect and pointing in my direction.

"Who are you?!  Get out of here!" I yelled in anger and alarm.

"Kyle, relax.  It's me," the man said, an alluring smile playing across his lips.

Something about that smile struck a note with me.  It was familiar and comforting.  I took a moment to scrutinize his face for something recognizable.  I felt like I knew him but, at the same time, knew that I'd never seen this man before.  Then it hit me and took my breath away.  I'd never seen this MAN before!  But as soon as I recognized him, it was clear as day.  Looking past the lean male body and peering through the squared jaw line and heavier brow ridge, it was HER!  This unknown man was actually my wife, Lauren!!

"L-Lauren?" I stuttered tentatively.  "Is that you?"

"It sure is, Sweetheart," she announced, fully pleased with herself.

"I don't understand.  What's going on?  What happened to us?"

"Don't worry, Sweetie," she said, drawing closer to me.  "Everything's OK.  This is the way I wanted it, the way it was always meant to be.  Deep down, I've always craved the strength and the potential that must come with being a man.  And now, I feel it!  Such a feeling of control and entitlement.  But on the flip side, I know that there are still so many wondrous aspects of being a woman too.  And since I wanted to explore life as a man, I wanted you to join me and experience the joys of being female."

"But this doesn't make any sense.  How could this happen?" I questioned, trying to muster up some anger and indignation at our predicament.  But I just didn't feel it.  In fact, all I could focus on was her prominently bulging cock advancing closer to my face.

"It was really simpler than you'd think.  After some investigating, I discovered the Oil of Aphrodite I used in your bath.  It really is meant to make a woman more soft and beautiful.  However, as you see for yourself, the unexpected side benefit is that an overexposure of it on a man will make him softer and more beautiful as well -- just in the form of a woman!  But what led me to finding the Oil was what I was looking for myself, which was the Bath Scrub of Ares.  It has the exact opposite effect on women as the Oil does on men, as you can plainly see," Lauren proclaimed, reaching down and taking my face between her strong, broad hands.

Her dick was inches from my face.  And while I knew I should have been repulsed and backing away, I was drawn to it.  Something about her command of the situation and blunt mastery excited me.  I leaned in closer, needing to experience more of it.

"That's right, Baby," Lauren growled lasciviously.  "You know you want to suck it!"

And contrary to what it seemed like I should feel, she was right.  I eagerly approached and took her into my mouth.  As I bobbed my head in and out, I could still feel my quickly diminishing dick waving in the water.  I couldn't believe my arousal at the sensation of her cock swelling even larger as my tongue slid across it.  The feeling was so seductive and so sensual I didn't want it to stop.  In fact, I wanted more!

Consumed by the pleasure of it, I barely even noticed Lauren murmuring above me, "That's my girl."


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  1. Is there going to be a part 2? More TS is good.

    1. No plans for a Part 2 right now, but you never know. :)

  2. Amazing caption! Very well written!

    1. Thanks, Erin. It's nice for me to be able to exercise my writing muscles once and a while, beyond just the subtitles of my videos. :)

  3. Loved it, Lilac! These GIF captions are killer. :D

    1. Thanks, Emory. Glad you're enjoying them.

  4. is it possible to make tg fiction porn vid with an actual transsexual porn star. I love straight porn but also love transsexual porn though I am straight it just how I feel I admire transsexual porn star and just think of them as women not men just don't really care bout the extra below I am open minded

    1. I'm certainly not ruling it out. I enjoy transsexual porn as well. However there's not as much of it out there that would lend itself to the kind of fantasy videos I make unfortunately. I'm definitely open to it though and always keeping my eye out for the right footage.

  5. Nice Vid :D, any plans on any possession vids?

    1. Thanks. Nothing currently in the pipeline for a possession video, but you never know what might come up.

  6. i love it i like the idai of ( Gender Roles Change) and female to male transformation thank you more please

  7. What a nerve you've hit here, Lilac! I absolutely LOVE whiling hours away in a hot bath filled with bubbles, salt or oils and imagining they're seeping through my pores to change my flesh into the female form I should inhabit! Thank you, Lady Wren! Delicious! (.. even though I'd prefer to share said form with another womanly body)


    1. Thanks so much for the comments, Elle. Glad is struck a chord with you.

  8. whats the name of the film?

    1. It didn't have a name that I'm aware of. Most of her work seems to be just shorter clips and I believe this was one of them. I don't even recall where I found it unfortunately.