Double Your Pleasure

Here's another caption that I'd previously posted a while back on OpenTGCaptions.

In this one, a subject for an experimental DNA test receives not just one major surprise -- but two!

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I had been working on the DNA Unification project with the team under Dr. Jacobs for almost two years now.  If successful, our endgoal was to be able to take healthy DNA from one person and overlay it on top of the DNA of another, allowing us to correct and eliminate all manner of genetic disorders.

We'd spent over a year conducting animal experimentation with a 100% success rate.  All disorders were completely eradicated.  However with DNA being involved, the government was reluctant to approve any human testing trials.  We'd spent close to six months tied up in paperwork and litigation, but there was no sign of it being authorized.  So unfortunately, it was time to do something drastic.  Dr. Jacobs decided that we needed to move forward with human trials, regardless of whether we had approval or not.  All we needed was a subject.

After agonizing over the decision for a couple of days, I finally volunteered myself for the human trial.  My family has a history of a particular debilitating genetic disorder which is undetectable in advance.  I may or may not get it and I could possibly even pass it along if I ever eventually had children.  This family history was partly why I got into this field of research in the first place.  So if I had a chance to remove this genetic trait from myself and prevent it from spreading to further generations, I had to take it.

Soon Dr. Jacobs had me connected to the device and the procedure was underway.  "Don't worry, Derek," he said to me, showing me a flash drive.  "I've selected this clean DNA sample myself.  It'll be perfect for our needs.  This DNA data overlay is calibrated flawlessly for complete and proper unification."

Ignoring my nerves, I gave him the go-ahead to begin the DNA fusion.  Immediately upon starting the procedure, I began to feel a warmth spread through my body, which then quickly built into a firestorm.  Luckily I was prepared for this reaction, but I still couldn't suppress the scream that escaped me.  Fortunately I knew that portion only lasted a few seconds, so I was able to endure it.

Then I could feel things begin to change.  The warmth, now more bearable and even calming, stayed with me.  I could feel it throughout my entire body.  That heat made me feel almost like I was melting, becoming more malleable.  I looked down and couldn't believe my eyes.  It was true!  My shape was changing.  I was softening all over, as well as becoming wider in parts and narrower in others.  I tried to call out but my voice was just a high-pitched whimper.

Through quickly lengthening hair, I watched in amazement as my chest expanded out, developing into shockingly huge tits.  My waist and hips rounded out becoming fuller and fuller while, at the same time, my dick withered and shrank, eventually inverting back inside me.  I couldn't believe it but, my god, I had a pussy!!

Then as quickly as it began, the procedure was over.  I shivered as beads of sweat cooled on my naked skin.  In shock and amazement, I reached down to explore what I'd become -- softer, smaller, rounder and, above all, a woman!

How could this happen?  Was this a mistake or did Dr. Jacobs do this on purpose?  I should have been furious or terrified... or likely both.  But to my astonishment, I was neither.  Curiously, I felt only contentment, like a serene satisfaction that things were as they should be.

Then Dr. Jacobs re-entered the room, appraising me lewdly.  "Perfect, absolutely perfect!  How do you feel, Derek?"

I knew that it should be wrong, but I answered him truthfully, "Wonderful!  What did you do to me?"

"I needed to test how far we could take the DNA unification.  Obviously I still corrected the genetic disorder you wanted to remove; I'm not a monster.  But I needed to extend the changes as far as I could go to test the frontiers of the technology.  And what better test than to fully change the chromosomes of a person to convert them to the opposite gender?  And such a specimen too!  Just a wonderful side benefit that the clean DNA sample could come from a porn star.  You're her spitting image now.  And unless my calculation were off, you should have the mental and emotional modifications to match."

I tried to be angry, but it just wasn't in me.  He was correct.  Being this way didn't feel different, it was as if this was the normal status quo.  And this state was exciting and electric!

Dr. Jacobs moved forward cupping my new full breasts.  "Am I right?  Do you feel different?  Do you want more?"

Maybe it was the porn star in me, but his touch brought on a wave of longing.  It was a yearning desire to experience more.  All I could do was exhale a low moan, "Yes."

"Excellent, what better way to test the psychological changes than to push you to do something completely against character?  And if I can have some fun while we're at it, then it's win-win."

The doctor led me over to a nearby sofa and bent me over.  I couldn't believe what I was doing but I anxiously awaited what he'd do next.  Looking over my shoulder, I saw that he'd quickly stripped off his clothes and was approaching me with his already erect dick.  I bit my lip in anticipation.  And then it happened -- I expected him to penetrate my new pussy, but cried out in ecstasy when instead he plunged deep into my ass!  It was more overwhelming than any sexual experience I'd ever had before.  I was staggered by the waves of pleasure that crashed over me as he rhythmically thrust into me.

Unexpectedly he paused for a moment while deep inside me.  I turned and implored him, "Please, don't stop!"

"But I'd almost forgotten.  I have someone else that wants to join us....  Kevin!"  he called to back to the door out of the room.

Fuck, I thought.  Is he bringing one of the other lab assistants in here to fuck me too?  Although, I mused surprisingly, maybe another man wouldn't be so bad.

But as the doctor continued to pump away, I was shocked to see who came through the door.  It was an exact carbon copy of the woman I'd become, down to the last supple curve.

Dr. Jacobs smiled when he saw my bewilderment.  "I guess I should have told you.  Kevin volunteered for the human trials as well.  A single person just wouldn't be a large enough sample for a good representative experiment."

His eyes drifted lewdly between Kevin and me.  "And using the same DNA for both of you provided a perfect control group."

It all made glorious sense, I thought, as I felt Kevin reach over to grab my ass with his new petite hands.  But more importantly, I just didn't care, since I was being swept away by arousal as the doctor continued to penetrate me over and over.


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  1. hello , I love double your Pleasure :0) Do you know the name of the girl with fake tits on the video ? Thank you to let me know if you know her name . Thank you !!!

    1. It's actually legitimately twins -- real life twin sisters Crystal and Jocelyn Potter.

      Thanks for the comment.

  2. thank you and I really love your internet site. Do you think you can do a video with a man that become a bimbo ( big round fake tits ) it will be a pleasure to see one of your creation about that kind of video :0) thank you !!!

    1. I can't normally fulfil all of the requests that I get, but I appreciate the suggestion and comments. Thanks.

  3. I understand :0) Thank you !!!