Eye Contact

This story was entirely inspired by the animated GIF you see below.  I came across it a while back and was mesmerized by it, so I knew I'd eventually use it for something.  Recently when seeing it again, the words "Don't break eye contact" popped into my head and the story just took off from there.

And yes, in case you're wondering, that is TS pornstar Bailey Jay again in the pic.  However the story itself has no TS elements in it and it's just a straight magical TG story.

Originally this started out as a short caption but, before I knew it, it completely took off and ended up being longer than some of my other short stories.  So for that reason, and since I thought it was strong enough to stand on its own, I posted it over on TG StoryTime along with my other stories.  Below is actually just the first of three chapters in the story (don't worry, they're all quick reads).  Head over to TG StoryTime to read the rest.

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"Oh my god!  We did it!  Now don't stop.  And DON'T break eye contact!!" my girlfriend Haley directed, looking down at me.

What my mind and body were going through could easily be described as tumultuous, to say the very least.  I felt delicate but powerful, tentative but eager, confused but determined.  I couldn't believe what started as a simple argument had led to this point.

Haley and I had only been going out together for a few weeks, but I was really starting to fall hard for her.  We'd met at work and started seeing each other, even though there were strict rules about dating in the workplace.  To be honest, for me, all the sneaking around just made our relationship that much more exciting.

However a few days ago, after a particularly rousing bout in bed, I made the mistake of commenting how I thought that women always had the control when it came to relationships.  It turned out that was absolutely the wrong thing to say to Haley.  This was a particularly sensitive subject for her, as she always felt the situation was completely reversed.

Maybe it was due to her small size, with her being little more than five feet tall and 110 pounds.  But she'd always felt like she was being guided, handled, even controlled in some way.  Even though she was very strong-willed, the men she'd dated in the past invariably worked themselves into getting the upper hand, almost like they were in command.  In bed, it was the same thing.  Her small size allowed men to feel like they had the right to move her around and manipulate her as they saw fit. Not that she was being forced to do anything against her will but she longed to be the one doing the guiding.  Just once, she wished she was in the driver's seat.  Part of her was jealous of the men she'd dated and their opportunity to dominate the situation.

Seeing this as a sore spot for her, I reversed my position somewhat and apologized if I'd ever made her feel that way.  I insisted that this was never my intention and I'd do anything I could to allow her the opportunity to feel in control.  Half jokingly, I told her she could do anything with my body that she wanted.

But that wasn't enough for her.  Clearly upset, she said that it wasn't the same thing.  Telling someone to do something and having them follow along was completely different, and truly just fell short. Being so petite, she'd always longed to be able to physically dominate a situation.

I tried to be the good boyfriend and comfort her but, as I told her, what could I do about that?  I was happy to support her and go along with anything she asked of me, but there was still nothing I could do about her size.  Being 6'3" and just shy of 200 pounds, it wasn't as if she was ever going to be able to overpower me physically.  That was just a fact.

But then her spirits seemed to brighten.  She smiled up at me and a slight glimmer of hope appeared in her eyes.  She spoke cautiously at first, "Evan, there's something I want to tell you.  If you're really serious about helping, I think I might have a way."

I repeated that I'd support her however I could.  But I could never have expected what she told me next.

"I know this is going to sound crazy, but please let me get it all out before you run out on me.  Firstly, I know I've never talked about my family... but they're actually descended from a long line of ancient druids.  Not that anyone is still actively practicing the religion or anything, but there has still been a small amount of mysticism passed down over the centuries."

As much as I tried to suppress it, she must have seen the look of confusion and amusement on my face, so she continued, "I know, I know.  Crazy, right?  Just stay with me, OK?  Trust me that this is weird for me too.  We'd always talked about it in my family, but it's not like I'd ever performed any kind of magic myself.  But others in my family have insisted that they have."

I couldn't help myself, blurting out, "Magic?!  Haley, c'mon.  You're screwing with me, right?"

"No, Evan, I'm serious.  I know it's hard to believe, but here's why I decided to bring this up in the first place.  My grandmother has a handful of ancient artifacts, but one has always been of interest to me.  It's called the Chain of Ceridwen.  Legend says that if two people are linked together with the Chain while making love, their spirits will pass into each other so they can experience each other's joy as if they were one."

"OK, now I know you're screwing with me," I exclaimed.

"I'm not!  Please hear me out.  I've always wanted to try the Chain out and experience what it would be like to physically be in control.  But with anyone I've ever dated, it just didn't seem right.  I've never trusted anyone enough to share this with them, never trusted that they'd go to these lengths for me.  But Evan, I trust you.  I know we haven't been together long, but it feels right.  I care for you. Won't you share this with me?"

I didn't know what to say.  I knew that Haley wasn't crazy, but she really seemed sincere in her belief. This magic talk was real to her.  Obviously it had to be some hokey family legend or something, but she was completely serious about it.  The insensitive, practical side of me wanted to call her out on it for the foolishness that it was.  However our argument was finally just cooling down now and I didn't want to fuel it all over again when she was clearly so emotional about it.  So I made the call to just acquiesce and go along with her.  What could it hurt to humor her in this?  And hopefully, she wouldn't be too heartbroken when it eventually failed.

"OK Haley," I said calmly.  "This is a lot to take in, but I care for you too.  So if this is something you really want to try, I'll do it for you."

I don't think I'd ever seen Haley happier.  And while I regretted lying to her, I was glad to have brought that kind of joy to her.

She quickly reached out to her grandmother, retrieving not only the Chain, but also all of the information about how it worked.  And a few days later, Haley and I were back together at her house, making preparations in her bedroom.

The Chain itself was quite impressive.  Though delicate, it seemed surprisingly sturdy.  The fine gold links were inscribed with what I assumed were tiny Celtic symbols.  Haley carefully wrapped one end twice around my wrist and did the same with hers, holding it in place with small clasps.  I felt a bit foolish, but kept telling myself that this was all for Haley.

While strapping us together, she filled me in on the details, "So the legend states that the magic will begin as our arousal builds.  At that point, there's an incantation I have to say, so don't get distracted if you see me chanting it.  Apparently it's as if there's a feeling of joining, where we can feel things from each other's perspective as well as our own, almost like we're in both bodies at the same time. That way, I'll be able to feel things from your perspective, what it's like in a larger, more powerful body.  One thing that's critical though is that we can't break eye contact.  If we do, the connection will break and the spell will end.  So whatever you do and whatever happens, don't break eye contact."

Once we'd gotten everything straight, it wasn't long before we drew closer together.  Starting with light, gentle kissing, our foreplay gradually built and escalated, becoming more heated as we progressed.  Panting heavily as I worked my mouth down Haley's torso, she whispered urgently, "Tie me up."

I raised myself up, looking into her eyes quizzically.  She saw my confusion but continued, "I want to feel it, what it's like to truly dominate someone.  If I'm tied up when we link together, I'll feel it from your side, how it feels to be in complete control.  I want this!  Please do this for me."

I'd gone this far with it already and, in the heat of the moment, it's always hard to say no.  So I quickly retrieved some scarves from her dresser and secured her wrists to the bed posts.

Then she looked up at me longingly, quietly purring, "It's time."

I positioned myself above her, between her legs, feeling more aroused than I'd felt before.  Pausing for a moment I caught her eye.  With a subtle nod from her, I knew we were ready.  Then I gently entered her.

We quickly fell into a synchronous rhythm, the excitement and intensity building.  In between excited panting, Haley stammered "Eyes on me! Eyes on me!" while boring her gaze into me.  I followed her lead and stared down into her eyes, not even wanting to blink.

As our arousal rose, I noticed she was muttering quietly under her breath.  It took a moment for me to realize that this wasn't just some noises uttered during sex, but was in fact the incantation she'd mentioned before.  As her verbalizations became more fervent, a strange feeling started to overtake me.  I hesitate to call it dizziness, but that's as close as I can get to describing it.  It was like everything had shifted just slightly, enough to throw off my equilibrium.  I knew I was still in the same position, still above Haley, but my view of the room had shifted faintly.

Lost in the thrill of the moment, I largely ignored this unsteadiness at first.  But seconds later, a massive shift took place and it was as if the world was swimming around me, like I could see both sides of the room, all at once.  I knew for a fact that I hadn't left the position I was in, since I was still staring down into Haley's eyes.  But at the same time, I was looking upwards, seeing myself staring back at me.  I was seeing things through Haley's eyes!

"Oh my god!" she exclaimed and I felt it in my throat too.  "We did it!  Now don't stop.  And DON'T break eye contact!!"

Only the incredible sensations I was experiencing prevented me from freaking out entirely.  Feeling both bodies at the same time should have been utterly confusing and unsettling, but somehow my brain was compartmentalizing it all.  I was in both bodies at the same time, yet everything was still separate and distinct.

Haley's breath came in short pants.  With her small frame, she didn't have near the lung capacity I was used to.  It felt almost restricted at first, like I was suffocating, before I quickly adjusted to the new limitations.

I could feel the weight of my normal body on top of me, while still feeling the heat of Haley's against my own.  With me being almost twice her weight, I'd normally always attempted to support myself somewhat for fear of crushing her.  But now I realized there was no need.  In fact, I wanted the indulgence of being embraced under the full weight of my body.  So I eased myself down to let Haley's body support my entire weight and was delighted by the compression I felt through her.

However there was still room between us as we bucked against each other.  Haley's breasts pulsed up and down as our rhythm continued and I was thrilled by the sensation.  Not just the delicate shifting of them across her chest, but the exquisite stimulation as the nipples brushed across my body's bare chest.  Experiencing the titillation of her erect nipples from both perspectives at once was nearly enough to push me over the edge.

Sensations and thoughts were coming to me like wildfire now.  Being almost fully compressed down into the bed, I could feel Haley's body as it spread out.  It suddenly came into my mind how much more flexible her joints were than mine.  Her hips rotated outward so that her knees were nearly horizontal to the side, yet there was no discomfort.  Things were so much more lithe and limber in her body.

Then it truly came to me, the full awareness and consciousness of the situation.  I felt it like a wave washing over me.  It was all-encompassing, as a perfect state arousal spread through me.  And I fully grasped it for the first time.  I could feel it inside me.  My normal body was penetrating me, stroking over and over again.

The full sensation and the realization of this thrilled me beyond anything I'd ever felt before.  I could tell I was on the verge of peaking, but could no longer tell in which body.  Haley must have known it too, exclaiming between breaths, "I can feel it!  I can FEEL it!... Don't stop!  Keep eye contact!!"

Then it hit me like an electric shock.  We both came simultaneously and it was glorious.  I was used to the reaction from my body, even though this time it was particularly strong.  However it was massively overshadowed by the convulsions of pleasure in Haley's body as they rocked her over and over.  I felt each wave of it both crash into me and envelop me in its warmth at the same time. Finally overcome by it, I collapsed forward no longer able hold myself up.

For a few moments, I laid there, eyes closed, just musing over what just happened and reliving the astonishing pleasure of it all.  I wanted to wrap myself up in the sensation's fierce embrace and keep it with me.  But slowly, it dissipated and the world around me became real again.  I could feel that I was more grounded now, more solid, so I knew that I was no longer spread across the both of us. The connection was obviously broken and I was back to being in one body again.  I immediately felt the loss and wished the two of us could be one again.

Finally coming to grips with that fact, I shifted my body to roll over to face Haley.  But to my surprise, I was stopped!  I couldn't move my hands.  I popped my eyes open to see what was going on, but was stunned by what I saw.  Hovering above me was my own face, bearing a smile I don't remember ever wearing myself.  Shocked, I couldn't speak as I watched my own body slowly sit back up on the bed, still grinning back at me.

"Wh-wha... Haley?... What's...?" I stammered in astonishment.  But as I watched my body move away from me, it revealed something I couldn't believe.  But it was true.  I was still in Haley's body!! But this time, there was no connection to mine.  The link had broken and left me in her body.

Startled, I tried to sit up, but my arms tugged at me.  I craned my head back, looking up towards my hands, and saw that my wrists were still tied to the bedpost.  Panicking now, I yanked futilely against my bonds while fighting for breath.

"Calm down, Evan," I suddenly heard a voice saying.  Still with that smile on my former face, it was my body talking.  "It's going to be OK."

I tried making sense of it.  "Haley, is that you?  What's...?  This wasn't supposed to happen."

My old face just beamed back at me.  "Oh Evan.  Of course it was."

I couldn't explain why, but fear started to creep back in again.  Pulling at my wrists, I exclaimed, "Haley, jeezus!!  What the hell!  Let me loose!!"

"Sorry, sweetie.  I can't do that.  That would spoil all of my plans."

"What are you talking about?  C'mon, we can't stay like this.  What happened?  We have to switch back!"

"Oh, don't worry.  We'll switch back, but I just need a little time," she said, that self-satisfied grin returning.

"Haley, you're scaring me.  I don't understand what's going on."

"Well, I don't see any reason not to tell you now," my former voice explained to me.  "Evan, this is exactly what I'd wanted.  Everything I told you about the druidic magic was true.  But I left out one little thing.  The purpose of the Chain isn't to just feel things from the other person's perspective.  The artifact's sole function is to cause an exchange of bodies.  All we needed to do was maintain eye contact through to the point of orgasm to make the transfer complete.  So now, I'm in your body and you're in mine.  And until I reconnect us with this Chain, we'll stay this way."  She held up her wrist, formerly mine, to display the Chain wrapped exclusively around it.  She must have slipped it off my wrist without me realizing it.

"But why?" I asked in confusion.  "Why are you doing this?!"

"You're aware as well as I am that there's a reason we're not allowed to date at work.  Collusion, right?  The bank doesn't want two people getting together and comparing notes in a conspiracy to defraud them.  Each person is supposed to stay independent, keeping information separate and secure."

I just stared in silence, my mind swimming in bewilderment as I tried to take everything in.

Haley continued, "Well, I realized a couple of months ago that, with the Chain, I could design my own workaround for the collusion problem.  Along with security codes I already had from my own department, all I needed was a separate set of fingerprints and retinal scans from a manager to be able to access the master accounts.  After that, it was surprisingly easy to scout out the right man for the job, so to speak.  And Evan, with your security level and, to be honest, lack of social life and family, you were the obvious choice."

I managed to finally find my voice, pleading, "Haley, please!  I don't believe this.  I thought we had something together.  I thought you cared for me.  You CAN'T be doing this.  It isn't you."

"You're absolutely right," she chuckled.  "It ISN'T me.  It's YOU!  And when I transfer the funds offshore, all evidence will confirm that fact.  Fingerprints, retinal scans, even video footage will show YOU transferring the money, not me.  And after I've swapped us back, it'll be YOU they'll be looking for."

"You can't do this!" I screamed, pulling frantically against the scarves binding me to the bed.  "I'll tell them what happened.  I'll tell them what you've done!"

I watched agonizingly as my own body slowly stood and pulled on some clothes.  Then she hastened to the door, not even looking back as she exited, saying, "Yes, you do that, Evan.  I'm sure they'll believe you as much as you believed me."

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  1. Very hot! Love it!

  2. Fantastic concept & application of their joined perspectives/sensations during the transfer, M'Lady! Too bad it's merely the means to an end of nefarious purpose. :-( But, on the brighter side, Evan will get to experience it all once more!.. provided Haley doesn't get caught in the act!!

    And, I wonder who's lucky enough to be doing whatever with the lovely, Bailey J., if I'm not mistaken! If that's the case, they may have switched more than their spirits in the process. Hmm, that presents an entirely new realm of options, doen't it?!

    Always a fan, Lady Wren! Peace,Love&Kisses!!!

    1. Thanks so much for your comments, Elle. I like where you're going with them.