This is another one of those cases where I planned on making a caption that was short and sweet.  But as I wrote, it quickly expanded out into a full-blown story.  So I even ended up posting it over on TG Storytime too.

I wanted to have some pure and simple fun for this one.  And partly for that reason, this ended up being probably the smuttiest thing I've ever written.  Light on the plot and heavy on the sex!

Let me know what you think of it, either in the comments below or as a review on TG Storytime.



This is it!  Finally the day you get to start role-playing with Malachite, the underground LARP society.  As a gift, your wife had bought you this adventure of a lifetime.  You received the exclusive invitation two weeks ago and have been waiting eagerly ever since.  You were allowed to bring one guest along on the adventure, but your wife suggested you invite your best friend Travis, since she was never into this kind of thing.

An unmarked van picks the two of you up at the appropriate time and place, exactly as demanded.  Although Travis complains somewhat, you don't care about being blindfolded while being brought to the secret location of the games.  This is supposed to be a fully immersive experience and you've longed for it.

After being transported for an unknown length of time and hustled indoors, your blindfold is removed revealing a dark room.  At some point, you and Travis must have been separated since he's no longer with you.  However, you don't really care.  Right now, you're just taking in all of the mysterious occult figures surrounding you. It's everything you imagined!  You even enjoy all of the mysticism around the assigning of characters -- the candles, the chanting, the magical deck of cards.  So... you chose the woodland nymph card?  An excellent role, with a wonderful and exotic skill set.

And again, with the blindfold.  But this time, it's different.  You aren't being taken anywhere.  Just more chanting.  And now a pungent, heady smell of incense, almost choking you and clouding your senses.  Then it's gone and the air is clear again, as if the smoke was never there.  The chanting is gone too, leaving only peaceful sounds that could only come from being outdoors.

You remove the blindfold to reveal that your senses are correct.  You're no longer in the dark, windowless room you were in mere seconds ago.  You're now at the base of a sheer cliff, on a beach just steps away from a vast ocean stretching to the horizon.  If this is a hallucination, it's absolutely flawless.  You can smell the salt air and hear the sounds of unseen birds tucked into the cliff face above you.

But that's far from the only surprise.  Looking down, you no longer recognize what you see.  Gone is your normal male body.  It's been replaced by a scantily clad female form!  Your delicate new hands reach up to inspect your velvety, bronzed skin.  You feel so light and graceful, yet so nimble and lean, like you could almost leap the full height of the cliff.

Your exquisite hands explore further.  Covered by little more than a bikini made up of metal chains, you discover supple, elegant breasts.  Your stimulating touch causes your flesh to break out in goose bumps, despite the sultry temperature of the air around you.  Your nipples harden, straining against the metal of your bra.  Drifting down, your hands confirm what you only suspected.  Through the flimsy chain mail loincloth, you discover that your dick is gone, replaced by the completion of your female form.  Gently pressing the cool metal of your garment against your new pussy induces a shiver of excitement through you.

You knew that Malachite provided a fully-immersive role-playing experience, but you never expected anything to this degree.  And how could you have expected anything even close to being turned into the female woodland nymph character that you chose from the deck of cards?  Yet, in spite of this being inconceivable, all of these new sensations are provocative and breathtaking.

Suddenly though, your ears begin a subtle twitch.  You hadn't noticed how long and pointy they were before, but now you're acutely aware of them.  Something about that twitch makes you uneasy.  It's telling you something.  You realize that you're now keenly mindful that someone else is near, someone who may not be friendly.

Turning quickly, you spot a hulking form step out from behind a large outcropping of rocks, a disquieting grin crossing his face upon spying you.  His menacing size is only enhanced by his shaved head, his numerous tattoos and the sword he's brandishing in front of him.  Deep down, you realize that this is likely just a normal person in real life, just as you are.  It could even be Travis, for all you know.  But that doesn't make him any less unnerving.

As he advances, you realize his intention.  Killing a magical character such as a nymph would definitely take him up a couple of levels.  You'd do the same thing in his position.  But even though you're clearly outmatched when it comes to physical strength and fighting prowess, you're suddenly and distinctly conscious of the fact that you have other advantages to rely on.

As a nymph, your fundamental skill is to beguile and seduce those around you.  And while, as a man, you'd never consider such an idea, the thought of it now brings on a hunger deep within you.  As the warrior closes on you, you can almost feel the heat from him.  His powerful, sculpted shape compels you to reach out and caress it.  You yearn to taste his skin.  But beyond these cravings, you know that you control the situation.  While you may revel in this passion, it is the warrior who will become the slave to your powers of temptation.

Catching his eye, you hold it, drawing on all of your aroused energy and directing it into him.  His step falters ever so slightly, as you wonder to yourself how you know how to do this and how it comes to you so naturally.  And more curiously, how could you hunger for this so strongly when your brain is still telling you that you're a man?

And on top of that, you're married!  Regardless of the fact that you're no longer yourself, no longer a man, isn't this still cheating?  Is it wrong if you're not really you?  Isn't it still a breach of your wife's trust?  And moreover, this warrior could be anyone, maybe even Travis.  How could you face him again in real life, knowing what you were about to do with him?

But this is what you came for, isn't it?  The fully immersive fantasy experience.  You should live this life as if it were your own, regardless of consequences.  Plus the cravings are so strong, so incredibly strong.  You need this!

You reach up and cup your left breast, gently caressing its ample shape.  You jut out the opposite hip as your other hand grasps the cheek of your ass.  You revel in the supple plumpness and feel an eager shiver with each fervent squeeze.  Your eyes never leave his.

The energy between you builds.  His sword droops slowly, then falls from his hand entirely.  You witness the exact moment that his intentions change.  The moment that you no longer have anything to fear from him.  The moment that he is yours to do with as you please.

You approach him hungrily, almost mashing yourself against him as your mouth lands on his.  A fleeting flash of confusion hits you.  You shouldn't be doing this.  You're a man and he's a man.  This can't be right.  But it couldn't be more right.  You're a nymph!  This is your strength.  This is your dominion.  This is your birthright!

Not only do you innately know how to use these new-found abilities, but you find that you're basking in the feelings, indulging them to their fullest and relishing every sensation.  You own this encounter, just as you'll own him.  Gathering and focussing it, soon your sexual energy is soon radiating off of you like you're some carnal nuclear reactor.  You can sense it permeating through the warrior, seeping into the very pores of his skin as he grinds against you, through his lips, his palms, his bare chest against yours.

As the passion between you grows, you feel him back his hips away slightly, allowing him to reach down into his trousers.  At the same time, he's pushing down on your shoulder, urging you downward.  You foresee his objective.  But this isn't about him and his pleasure.  This is your time and your pleasure.  You reign over this engagement and it will play out to your satisfaction.  Backing a half-step away, you catch his eyes again.  You immediately see his frustration and heartbreak, as if he were a child and you just took away his favorite toy.

Casting your glance briefly downward is all it takes to convey your wish to him.  He acknowledges immediately by kneeling down in front of you.  As you feel his coarse hands reach around and slide up the backs of your thighs, you experience a sharp moment of panic.  This is all wrong!  You can't let another man touch you this way, so intimately, so fully.  So what if your body is female now? You could never want a man like this.

But then, your body jerks as the warrior snaps the chain of your loincloth with an abrupt tug.  An unfamiliar, delectable gasp involuntarily escapes your lips, as a thrill of excitement cuts through you.  And just as quickly as it came upon you, the reluctance is gone, fully overpowered once again by the hunger to have him.

His immerse, rough hands are now grasping your ass, his long fingers curled into the crack and spreading your cheeks wide.  You can no longer stand it.  No more waiting!  Grabbing the back of his head, you pull him toward you, burying his face into your loins.  A shiver of pleasure vibrates through you.  You feel the fire of his hot breath as his mouth is suddenly on you.  It's just so wet down there.  Is that from you or from his mouth?  Or maybe both.  But who cares?  All you can take in right now is the intense sensation of his tongue sliding across you, over and over.

Then without warning, his tongue flicks inside you, nimbly grazing your clit.  An animalistic groan slips from you, unbidden.  Then it's inside you again and again, as if he's lapping the arousal from you.  Wave upon wave of titillation washes over you as his tongue caresses you from the inside.  This feeling is exquisite, like nothing you've ever felt.  Before you know it, you find that you're pulling his head into you, urging him deeper.  You don't care about who this is, or even who you are.  All that matters is what's happening right now.  And moreover, you can't believe it, but you want more!

Showing surprising strength for your slight frame, you grasp his head and nearly drag him to his feet. Looking into his eyes again, you know immediately that he's entirely captivated by you, haunted. He's fully yours to do with as you wish.  But is this what you really want?  The desire burns within you, but you hesitate, just for a moment.  How can you allow this?  How can you allow a man to fuck you?  But no, that's all wrong.  You're not "allowing" this.  You're compelling it.  You're ordering it, demanding it!  You control all of the power in this encounter.  And this, more than just the purely physical side, is what is truly intoxicating.

You pull his head toward you, your lips gently grazing his ear, as you breathe one word into it, "Now!"

Dropping down, you lay yourself back in the sand, dragging him down on top of you.  The bulge in his pants grinds against you, prompting your heart to beat stronger, you breaths to come faster and harder.  You need this now!

Your hand darts into his trousers, forcing a gasp of pleasure from the warrior.  And with extraordinary dexterity, astonishing even yourself, you have his cock out of his pants.  You press the tip of it against you, wiggling it ever so gently.  You moan expectantly from the sensations surging through you.  How does this come so naturally to you?  Another wiggle.  Another overwhelming wave of lust.  And then you know that you're ready.

Grasping his member, you suddenly plunge him down deep inside you.  An abrupt yelp escapes your lips, as the thrust induces in you an exquisite combination of pleasure and pain.  You've never felt anything like this, so intense, so electrifying!  Before you realize it, your hands are around his ass, pulling him into you, guiding and propelling him.

With each stroke, you feel more conscious of the sensations, more receptive, more alive.  As he drives into you over and over, the stimulation becomes excruciating, building exponentially with each intense thrust.  You've known sexual arousal in your life, but nothing like this.  You keep thinking that your pleasure couldn't increase any more but, with each movement of the warrior inside you, you're proven wrong.

Your breaths are coming to you faster now, making you almost light-headed from your rapid panting. Now it's like the rest of the world has dropped away, leaving only you and this intense storm of ecstasy.  Then an unfamiliar aura begins to emerge from you.  Moaning unbidden, you realize what it is.  And just as that understanding registers, it hits you like a tidal wave.  You climax harder that you thought was ever possible. Your body is rocked again and again with a barrage of lustful convulsions, before finally leaving you in a sultry and satisfied glow.

Looking up, you see that the warrior has slowed his motions to take in the full spectacle of your rapture.  You realize that he hasn't finished yet.  Good!  This was your moment, not his.  His needs aren't important, only his subservience.  Reaching forward, you straight-arm him firmly in the chest, pushing him back a step with surprising force.  Again, that wounded child look from him.  But all he can do is continue staring at you.

You stand and gently brush the sand from your skin, all the while gazing into his eyes.  And although he towers more than a foot over you, he's now the smaller one.  He's a slave to your sensuality.

Turning your back on him, you begin to head up the beach, knowing you have nothing to fear from him.  He's now yours!  And with only the second word you've ever spoken to him, he follows you obediently, "Come!"

As you stride through the sand with your new minion in tow, your vision begins to blur.  You turn and notice that the warrior sees it too.  At first it seems like a dense fog has quickly rolled in, but then you recognize that smell.  That same incense that burned when you first came to this place.  The smoke begins to fully engulf the two of you, causing you both to choke as it seeps into your lungs. With that heady smell, your vision becomes darker and more obscured, until everything is black once again.

In the darkness, you realize the sensations of the beach are now gone, no sounds of waves, no smell of salty air, no sand between your toes.  All is quiet again and you sense you've returned to the real world.  The only sound you hear is heavy breathing beside you.  Without even seeing, you immediately recognize the source of it.  You know that voice.  Oh my god!  Was that who the warrior was?  Was that who just fucked me?

You rip the blindfold from your eyes to see that you're correct.  Panting heavily beside you is your wife!

She looks back at you and manages an exhausted smile, saying only, "Surprise."

"But... but I thought... So that was YOU?" you stutter.

"I wanted to join you, to share your adventure with you.  But I had no idea how real it would be," she says, pausing to catch her breath.  "And I certainly didn't expect an experience like THAT.  It was incredible!"

"So we were... You and I just... I mean... I didn't know it was you.  Are you OK with this?" you manage to get out.

"After an adventure like that... absolutely!"  Then with a seductive smirk, "But I have to admit, that was a bit harsh to not let me finish.  We'll see who wins next time, eh?"


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