In Too Deep

This is another one of those story captions where it was completely driven off the animation itself.  There's two pics in this one (top and bottom of the story) and, once I found them, the story practically wrote itself.

In this one, a man gets in too deep with his gambling debts and needs to go to extreme lengths to repay them.

I know it's not a full video, and some of you may be disappointed by that, but it'll have to do to hold you over until I have time to put together the next video.  Real life has kept me extremely busy over the last couple of months unfortunately.



"You're such a fucking asshole," I mouthed silently, looking up at Finn who could only shrug his shoulders at me.

I couldn't believe I'd gotten myself into this position.  Or that this was even a possibility.  But even though the last couple of hours had been a whirlwind of confusion and turbulence, this was clearly happening.

It started earlier that day when I got a call from my bookie, Jagger.  I'd gotten in fairly deep to him over the last few months, but it was never anything I couldn't handle.  However this call told me differently.  Jagger was calling in his markers and he wasn't taking "No" for an answer.  I tried to talk my way out of it, but unfortunately that just seemed to infuriate Jagger even more.  He wanted his money by the end of the day or, in his words, this would be the last day I ever saw.

And he was painfully clear with his warnings too, saying, "Don't try to duck me on this one either.  I know you.  I know your friends.  I know where you'd go.  Try anything and it'll just be worse for you."

Once Jagger hung up, I was in a panic.  How was I supposed to pay him back?  I didn't have anywhere near what I owed him.  And I couldn't even borrow it.  No one I knew had that kind of money just laying around.  And Jagger was right.  He knew my friends and the places I hung out.  He'd track me down if I went to any of the obvious spots.

But then I had a idea.  Maybe I needed to do something that wasn't obvious.  There had to be a way to hide myself that Jagger wouldn't realize.  That was when I thought of Finn.

Finn had been a friend of mine for a couple of years.  The extraordinary thing about him was that he came from a long line of mystics.  Since meeting him, I'd seen him do some amazing and bizarre things with magic that I'd never thought possible.  Maybe he could help me avoid Jagger... at least until I could repay my debt.

So I quickly called Finn and explained my situation.  He told me to give him a half-hour to prepare and then come over.  "By then," he assured me, "I'll have a solution for you."

With the day rapidly ticking away, I waited anxiously, showing up on Finn's doorstep exactly 30 minutes later.  He invited me in with a comforting smile.

After some hurried small talk, I got right to the point.  "So what did you come up with?"

Finn walked to a nearby table covered with bottles and containers of all shapes, sizes and colours.  Picking one up, he stated, "This will definitely do the trick.  One drink of this and even your own mother won't recognize you."

I was confused but intrigued.  "What do you mean?  Is it some kind of disguise potion or something?  I thought you were going to come up with a way to hide me."

"Absolutely!  And what better way to hide than in plain sight.  If Jagger doesn't know you, he can't find you."

I hesitantly took the bottle Finn handed me.  "Are you sure about this?  I know I'm desperate, but this is freaking me out."

Finn just smiled.  "You've seen the things I can do, right?  Trust me."

I could feel the worry in the pit of my stomach.  But my apprehension about the potion was vastly overshadowed by the sheer dread of Jagger's possible retribution.  I'd seen firsthand what he was capable of.  So I raised the bottle to my lips, tipped my head back and swigged back a substantial mouthful of the green liquid.

The taste was unimaginably horrendous but I managed to keep it down with only a few dry heaves doubling me over.  It passed quickly though and I brought myself upright to look at Finn.  "What was that shi--?" I started then clamped my mouth shut.  Was that my voice?  What happened to it?

I started again, "What the hell--?!"  There it was again!  I sounded like a fucking girl!!

Finn just smiled back at me.  "OK, don't be mad.  I knew you wouldn't agree to this if I told you the whole story.  But this was the best and quickest way to hide you."

"W-what did you do?" I questioned unsteadily.  He just pointed at a nearby mirror.

I tentatively approached the mirror, then cautiously peered into it, shocked by what I saw.  A girl!!  He turned me into a fucking GIRL!!  I could still recognize myself in there, the same narrow features, the same blue eyes, the same blonde hair, only longer.  But all of it was different -- smoother, rounder, more feminine.  My hands quickly scrambled around and patted down my whole body.  I couldn't believe it, but the transformation was complete.  I had tits!  I had a pussy!

"Finn, what the fuck?!!"

"Sorry, Gary.  You said you needed something quick.  I just happened to have all of the components for this potion so it was the fastest way to disguise you.  Although if it's any consolation, Jagger will never recognize you like this.  As a guy, you're a mutt.  But as a girl, you're smoking hot!" he chuckled.

"Fuck you, man!  How could you do this?"

"Don't worry.  It's only temporary.  I can reverse it once you've paid Jagger back and the heat is off."

I slumped down into a chair, my head falling into my hands.  Even that felt unusual and foreign -- long hair streaming down into my face, petite fingers resting on my forehead.  I didn't have the words to convey what I was feeling, so just uttered, "What the hell, man.  What the hell."

Just then, there was a pounding on Finn's front door.  We both looked at each other with surprise and alarm.  I recognized the voice calling out, "Gary!  I know you're in there!"  It was Jagger!

Finn was the first to pull himself together and started heading towards the door.  "What are you doing?" I hissed quickly at him.

"Relax," he replied.  "Remember, you're not YOU anymore."  He gestured at me in a sweeping way to indicate my whole body.

But that did nothing to alleviate my anxiety as Finn opened the door, allowing Jagger and two lackeys to burst in.  Jagger immediately started in on Finn, "Where is he?"

Finn managed to keep his cool.  "Are you talking about Gary?  I haven't seen him in days."

"So why is his car outside?" he questioned, suddenly eyeing me much closer than I was comfortable with.  You idiot, I condemned myself, how could you be so stupid?

I froze, looking to Finn for support.  He was faltering a bit, but still managed to respond weakly, "It's hers."

"Oh yeah?  And who exactly is this?" Jagger enquired, scrutinizing me suspiciously.

"This is my girlfriend," Finn replied quickly.

"Your girlfriend, huh?  And your girlfriend is driving Gary's car WHY?  Did you think I would have missed the license plate?  That's Gary's car."

I saw a light in Finn's eyes go on and he perked up.  "Well, that's because this is his SISTER... Carrie!"

Jagger turned to me uncertainly.  "Gary and Carrie, huh?  I never heard of Gary having a sister.  But," he said drawing closer, "I can definitely see the resemblance."

"Um... yeah," Finn continued, "Carrie's just in from out of town, so she's borrowing Gary's car."

"I thought she was your girlfriend," he replied, never taking his eyes off me.

Finn was talking himself into a corner.  I wished I could help out, but I was still in shock from my transformation.  Plus I was paralyzed with fear by the thought of saying or doing something that might give away the fact that was really a man.

"Well, she is.... We just don't get to see each other too often.  In fact, we were just planning on having some alone time, so if you could just..." he gestured towards the front door.

"Looking for some private time, huh?" Jagger leered knowingly.  "I've got nothing against that.  As a matter of fact, I wouldn't mind SEEING that."  He slowly looked me up and down, stopping so that I felt his breath on my face, saying, "How about you prove to me that you're his girlfriend?"

My heart sank and I started to wordlessly shake my head.  "How about it, CARRIE?" he emphasized the name sarcastically, telling me he knew more than his words were letting on.  Then slightly pulling open his jacket to reveal his holstered gun, he continued, "Let's see you in action."

Finn and I looked at each other with uncertainty.  Both of us were frozen.

"C'mon, you two.  It's show time!"

This was it.  There was no getting around it.  I approached Finn, pleading him with my eyes.  But I could tell from his look that he had no options, magical or otherwise, to get us out of this predicament.  Resigned to the idea, he sat himself down in a chair and tentatively unzipped himself.

I reluctantly kneeled down between his legs, realizing immediately that Finn was already hard.  What the fuck?  Was I that hot now that I could get a rise out of him under this kind of pressure?  Something about that flattered me, but I promptly rebuked myself for having such thoughts.

But now it was time.  Feeling Jagger and his crew leering behind me, I couldn't put it off any longer.  I reached out and took hold of Finn, his dick feeling huge in my small hand.  I began to stroke him slowly, feeling somewhat more at ease the longer I did it.  My initial dread at being forced into this was gradually melting away.  Soon, other than the obvious oppression from the thugs looming around us, things started to feel right, even pleasant.  Before I realized what I was doing, I leaned in and took him into my mouth, bobbing my head up and down in slow, deliberate strokes.  The feeling was compelling and arousing.

As I went down on him over and over, I grasped what had happened.  Finn had changed me into a woman.  However the change not only affected my body, it affected my mind too.  I was still me, but my thoughts and actions were those of a woman.  The bastard had changed me completely!

I looked up at him, mouthing silently to make sure Jagger's crew didn't hear, "You're such a fucking asshole."  But his only reply was to shrug his shoulders back at me.

Torn between the threat of Jagger and the titillation of these new feelings, all I could do was shoot Finn the finger for putting me in this situation.


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  1. that was enjoyable, I only wish you had put the photos near each other so it was more of a surprise reveal instead of seeing the image ahead of time, know what I mean?

    1. I tend to agree. Unfortunately though, on the internet, you generally need to have an attention-getter up front to grab and hold people's interest.

  2. Amazing caption, I would have loved it even more if it was longer!

    1. That's what SHE said. :)

      Seriously though, thanks.

    2. BHAHAHA!!! Don't you mean, "That's what HE said"?!

      Yeah, Lady Wren, great story. Too bad he had to have an audience like that, but then he might never have gotten into understanding his transformation and new body so quickly!

    3. Haha you got me Lilac, didn't even noticed the hidden sexual innuendo, I must be getting rusty haha

    4. I'm afraid I don't know this one.

    5. No worries, thanks anyways. I enjoy your work.

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