TG Missed Connection

In the grand tradition of fake Craigslist Missed Connections, I thought I'd try my hand at a caption for them.

This one is just a quickie that I put together to hold you over until I manage to get some more videos completed.

See down below for the caption text.



TG Missed Connection

YOU:  Left me in your apartment after a mind-blowing night in the sack.

ME:  Trapped in your body that you left behind.

When I saw you at the bar last night, I thought you were totally out of my league -- brunette, tight body and hot as fucking hell!!  I couldn't believe my luck when you took me home with you.  And things just kept getting better with that monumental, world-class fuck you treated me to!

Don't know how you managed to swap bodies with me... or even why.  But after last night, I don't even care!

Please respond back or just meet me back at your apartment.  I'm still here and ready to pick up where we left off.  But this time, YOU will be inside of ME... in more ways than one!!  :) :) :)


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  1. Great little quickie. I'd probably react the same way. ;-)

  2. Love your work :) please make more with gf/bf or husband/wife swaps and sex scenes between them :***

  3. "...
    YOU: Well, that might be a problem.

    ME: Huh? Why do you say that? Don't you want this amazing body of yours?! Back, I mean!

    YOU: That's the problem. You were right last night. You are out of my league. Especially now that you're a chick!

    ME: I don't get it! I'm totally wet thinking of you coming back here and screwing the daylights out of your- er, this body!

    YOU: Think about it, babe. You're imagining having sex with the woman who brought you home. But, I'm not in that body any more. I have a dick, now. Your dick! And I was a straight female.

    ME: So... What?! You're a guy now! And I'm a girl who's aching to have you... Or a gir... Uh, OOH! Wait!

    YOU: Yeah. Now that I'm a guy instead of a chick... Well. let's just say that I'm REALLY out of your league now.

    ME: But... I still want to eat... And feel a... Then, that means... I'm really BI?! And... You're gay, now?! Oh-shit!

    YOU: We are what we are, babes! You're not going to get my motor running with that new gear you have. And since it was our third orgasm that made our switch happen, I won't even reach one, even ah hot as you are! So, if you're into swinging both ways, well... Have fun with that, girlfriend!
    At least, that's one possibility. Isn't it, Lady Wren?

    1. That's certainly one way it could go.