Undercover Secretary

For quite a long time, I've had the original films that I used here, starring the remarkable and breath-taking Anna Polina.  I've always known that I wanted to use them, but could never piece together a concept that would do the footage (and Anna) the justice they deserved.

But recently, the lightbulb finally came on and everything fell perfectly into place.  The originals were full-production, feature films, so I really wanted to do something more story-driven since they gave me that opportunity.  And I couldn't be happier with the outcome.

In this video, a private detective agency is able to provide special services and allow their agents to go undercover as other people.  For this case, one of their new agents needs to pose as a secretary to dig up dirt for the boss' wife.  But in this kind of business, sometimes the agents need to create the dirt themselves.

UPDATE:  For anyone returning to this post, you'll see that I've moved the video from xHamster to PornHub.  Unfortunately xHamster removed the video due to copyright issues.  This is something that's always been a problem with xHamster and I've had a number of videos pulled since I started there.  Between this issue and the fact that xHamster often takes 2-4 days to approve a video after I've posted it, I've decided to migrate all of my videos over to PornHub.  I'd already been working on this earlier in the week, but xHamster has forced my hand.  So far on PornHub, there have been no copyright complaints and they release the videos for viewing within hours of me posting them.  I was able to post all 10 videos on PornHub that I'd previously posted on xHamster in just a few hours.  I'll be moving the embedded videos in my earlier post from xHamster to PornHub this week.  Please let me know how the experience is.


Undercover Secretary (download link)
**CAUTION: Contains adult material**



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  1. "Ooh-what-a-lucky-man... ...He-wa-as..." ...To be given such a gorgeous identity as a cover!!! Too bad he blew it by failing to know her background, (and experienced that aspect of her life), before trying - and succeeding - to seduce her boss to trump-up the charge of adultery. Still, maybe if they don't find any suitable guys at the bar, the two agents can console each-other over having such beautiful, female forms! (I'm just sayin'. I know your creations are limited by both the available stock and your personal preferences, M' Dear!)
    But, still; I could sure-as-hell live with living in a body like Miss Polina's!!!

    Always LOVE your stuff, Lady Wren!

    1. Yes, with that body, nothing is outside of the realm of possibility. Thanks again, Elle.

  2. hey , can you please add all your old videos as well to the xhamster page. its really hard to use the seperate link thing .
    If you could add all of them to xhamster it will be really easy to shuffle thru the videos.

    1. Unfortunately that's just not feasible. I have 100+ videos and this would be a very time-consuming process. Sorry about that.

  3. What is the name of the actress?