Beware of Anonymous Messages

Here it is!  The moment you've all been waiting for.  It's finally time to announce the winner of my latest "I'll Turn You Into A Woman" contest.

So without further ado, I'm happy to reveal that the lucky entry chosen was submitted by Spindizzy! Below is the winning comment...

Spindizzy -- January 5, 2016
Oh oh!  Do me!  :D
As a tg caption writer I'd like to be on the receiving end of the tf for a change.  Perhaps an anonymous tumblr user could turn me from a regular guy into a horny bimbo via a magical computer virus?  Any way love your stuff, keep up the good work.  I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.

Congratulations, Spindizzy!!  I hope this video lives up to your expectations and fantasies.

And for everyone else who entered the contest, thanks so much for your interest and submissions. You provided some wonderful ideas and I really wish I had the time to do them all.  Also, thanks again for sharing my site and getting the word out.  I truly appreciate it.


Beware of Anonymous Messages (download link)
**CAUTION: Contains adult material**



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  1. Your video is not available

  2. I love your videos so Im going to say this and I hope you dont mind
    Some of your recent work feature girls with really big unrealistic boobs that kill the mood. For me at least.
    Also this might be only me again but I find videos where the girl is really shocked more appealing (I know it might be hard to find suitable content and I thank you for trying).

    One more idea it would be really awesome if you could reupload your older videos on pornhub so we could watch them on mobile with out the need to download them!

    1. I generally avoid footage with the huge unrealistic breasts, but sometime the footage can't be passed up.

      As for the old videos, I may get around to it one day. But with over 100 of them, it's a very time-consuming process.

  3. Incredible video! More with Annina! Not everyone is turned off by huge boobs. ;)

  4. You have probably heard this many times, but I have to say that I absolutely love your videos! Keep them coming! Thank you so much for spending your time making them!

    1. Hey, do you take requests? If so, I was thinking is ripe for the TGCreation treatment. Maybe Annina is a Bond-like secret agent whose maniacal nemesis gets the better of. Also maybe too?

    2. Thanks for the suggestions.

  5. I'm sure your fans would agree, Lady Wren, that being sent such a link is the stuff of many a shared dream! ... However varied the dreamers' ideals of body-shape/size/shade on the other side of their respective clicks.

    Perhaps it's just me or, perhaps my thought-process is more 'male' than I might like to think it is, but I'd have to expect that my mind would be racing with many thoughts and internally-running-commentary, (however disjointed or incomplete), if it were possible to find myself in the same situation as Spindizzy has herein, (lucky gurl!). To wit; A little bit of "stream-of-consciousness" text might, in my mind, amplify the concept of such a drastic transformation and convey 'his' astonishment, (and pure pleasure), at having to hold his huge breasts while getting his tight womanhood filled with the guy's hot, rigid member.

    Just a thought, M'Lady. Since it is by your sweet personality and fantastical fictions than I feel free to share my ideas freely!


  6. Ever since i found this site, no other porn will do, thank you so much for your work. The only thing i think is lacking so far is that most of your videos dont have much blowjob stuff. Would love it if you made a video with some deepthroat/throatfucking scene. I knitpick a bit though...Keep up the good work :)

    1. Thanks so much. I appreciate the feedback.