The Making of Sabrina Turner

I know I've been a bit slow with getting new videos out lately. However, real life has been keeping me particularly busy.

Plus I've been working on a number of non-video projects, one of which was just released by Femur over at TGComics.  So I wanted to bring some more attention to it here.

Femur provides more detail about it on his site, but The Making of Sabrina Turner was originally a story written by Leigh De Santa Fe, but this is a comic adaptation with artwork by the ever-fantastic SturkWurk (check out SturkWurk's DeviantArt page for more).  It's an epic story about prisoners that are forced to undergo experimental procedures that physically and mentally transform them.

So how does Yours Truly fit into all this?  Well, my little contribution was to visually revamp the text and give it a little polish where needed.  My effort was just a small portion in the huge scope of the entire comic, but I was happy to be able to help Femur get it over the goal line.

And as for new videos, my next one is already well underway and I hope to have it posted soon.  So, stay tuned!



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  1. great comic, more others please :)

    1. There are tons of fantastic comics on TGComics already to choose from. I'm also working with Femur on a few other things that will hopefully come out in the future.

  2. sucks hearing your too busy for vids but have time for stenciling a comic

    1. Working on other projects keeps me fresh and creative. All work and no play makes Wren a dull girl. :)

      But be patient. I should have a new video posted this weekend or early next week at the latest.

    2. I apologize, other circumstances had me upset and I was miserable and just lashed out, I really am sorry and appreciate your respectful reply despite my rudeness.

    3. These things happen. Thanks for responding.