Parallel Lives

Back when I first started this site, I came up with a TG concept that I've always loved called When Worlds Collide.

It's based around the idea of quantum mechanics and theory of possible parallel universes.  In this particular case though, the parallel world is one where many people's parallel counterparts are the opposite gender.

I've always enjoyed this concept and revisited it a few times since its inception, in videos titled Prisoner Of War, Sleeping Beauty and Covert Realities.  But it's been more than two years since I did a WWC video, so I thought it was well past time.

The premise for this one is a simple one.  A rejected horndog suddenly finds himself thrown into a world where HE is now a SHE.  And though the premise is simple, I love the way this one turned out. Hope you feel the same!


Parallel Lives (download link)
**CAUTION: Contains adult material**



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  1. always look forward to your videos

  2. love this vid.....BUT wish you left the blowjob part in thou....i have this scene


    1. Yes, I debated about keeping that part of the scene in, but the video was already quite lengthy as it was.

  3. Who's the actress in the original?

    1. Unfortunately I couldn't find her name or the title of the original clip either.

  4. Ever your fan, Lady Wren, I do love how you've re-imagined this scene and your concept of what might be referred to as, "CirCUM-Parallel Quantum Squirm-Holes".

    It would have been really cool if there was a longer segment of Shane playing with his new body by "herself" before having his first female self-exploration interrupted, (bummer!). But, that's just my own preference.

    On the flip side, however, I totally LOVE that your captions revealed the inner dialogue of our hero(ine)! Thought-train captions are a favorite devise of mine!

    Also, the fact that "Mr. Pearson" is a gentleman who's considerate enough to provide a lady some oral stimulation prior to piercing her, ("his", in this case?), pussy is a major plus from my perspective!!!

    And thirdly; I happen to love the fact that your edit has Shane getting to taste his own, female fluids already coating the first cock he's - presumably - ever sucked! Personally, I'd find the prospect of getting to taste my own pussy a more enticing inducement that that of "raw" meat without any "condiments" to accent its savor.

    Lastly: An idea (or two) for a sequel(s) to Shane & Kayla's "CirCUM-Parallel Trans-Position" might be that he discovers Shannon has broken up with his girlfriend and found a more suitable, sexual partner. Or, in a more twisted scenario, the "Swapping-Spaghetti-Monster" applies even greater convolutions the couple's non-linear-inequality by returning Shane to his verse-of-origin, but in Kayla's body during the time-space in which Shannon is occupying his flesh. It might actually save "their" relationship (I'm sorry, Lilac, but is that just too twisted?)

    Anyhow; Awesome piece of work and I love how you managed to use the thought-stream captioning with an English sound track!

    1. Hi Elle, Thanks so much for all the feedback and suggestions.

    2. The thanks belong to you, sweetie! For all the creatively conceptualized & constructed kinkiness your fans get to experience at your fingertips!


  5. Interesting sci-fi concept. Are you a sci-fi fan too? And did you research the sci-fi concept?

    1. Yes, I've always been a sci-fi fan. I'm glad you liked the concept. And yes, I did do a bit of research when I originally came up with it, just to clarify the theory of quantum physics in my head.

  6. Does anyone know who this women is?