Second Sight (Illustrated)

Some of you might remember that, late last year, I posted a short TG mystery story on TGStoryTime called Second Sight.

Well, soon after that was completed, much to my delight and surprise, Femur over at TGComics contacted me and asked whether I'd ever considered having my story illustrated. And though the idea had never really occurred to me before, I was incredibly excited about the possibilities.

So that's when we started down our fun and creative journey.

First we needed to get an artist on board.  And still I can't believe that we were fortunate enough that Darkoshen was willing to take on the task.  If you're not familiar with Darkoshen's work, you'd be doing yourself a huge favour by checking out his Deviantart page.  In addition to creating fun and provocative artwork, he's an absolute pleasure to work with.  The image on the right is the title page, and there are 100 exciting illustrations that now enhance and enrich my story.

And of course, I want to give HUGE thanks to Femur for bringing this whole thing together and for the wonderful feedback, not to mention all of the time and effort he put into the finalized layout and polishing to get it ready to be published.

But now, the time is finally here!  Femur has just published on his site the first eight chapters of the illustrated version of SECOND SIGHT!!  And the remaining chapters will follow soon.  You'll need to have an account set up there, but the account is free and Femur doesn't use your email for any purposes.

Here's a quick teaser for Second Sight...

With the passing of his famous artist grandmother, Andrew Aberdeen receives the final painting she was working on at the time of her death.  Soon afterwards, intense and astonishing things begin to happen to him, forcing him to delve deeply into his family history, the art world and, most importantly, his grandmother's death.  And throughout his investigation, he's forced to deal with the fact that his life has been utterly changed forever!
Second Sight is a thrilling mystery novel with a TG twist, rich with suspense, humour, romance and heart.

Please take a look if you have a chance and let me know what you think.  This has been a labour of love for almost a year for me -- first in writing the original story and then through the illustration process.  Hope you like it.

And thanks again to Femur and Darkoshen for everything they've done!



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